It’s not okay.

When I was younger, I was molested. It wasn’t by a stranger or someone that I knew in passing but by somebody that I knew and trusted and lived under the same roof. I didn’t know what to do when it first happened, I remember being very confused. I remember feeling weird about my private area being rubbed in a manner that didn’t seem normal to me. My mother never did it, so why is this being done? I remember feeling an erect penis for the first time in my life and being told that it’s okay, with a hand on mine motioning back and forth. I remember a tongue entering my mouth and being told it’s normal. I remember a finger circling my nipples as if it were art and saying, “It’s okay, it feels good right?” I didn’t know what else to do except to pretend to be asleep. Every time I felt my private area being touched I was uncomfortable yet I was told it’s okay, it’s just how people express their love.

My innocence was stolen when I was very young. If you want to shudder at what I posted above, I beg you not to. I beg you to get so infuriated that you do what my birth mother never did – SPEAK UP. I had to keep telling my story when I was younger because nobody wanted to believe it. They had to make sure that I wasn’t lying and asked me the same questions over and over again.

But people were truly sympathetic. People tried to justify his actions with that of what someone slse has done. I commend people for staying properly appreciated and that you’re trying to do right for our country regardless of who you’re voting for – but this is where we need to all stand up and be heard. SEXUAL ASSAULT IS NOT OKAY.